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Tips for Renovating Your Kitchen

Tips for Renovating Your Kitchen

Renovating your kitchen can be quite a daunting task and possibly one of the biggest projects that you could undertake in your home. When done well a kitchen renovation can not only add value to your home but also provide you with improved features, functionality and lifestyle.

That being said, before you jump in to such a big project it is imperative to consider all the factors and have a plan for the renovation.

We have detailed some of our top tips around the practicalities of a kitchen renovation and some of the design features we think you should consider in a luxury kitchen.

Before You Start a Luxury Kitchen Renovation

Before you even start to think about what colour tile you want and what appliances you need, you need to think about the practicalities of a luxury kitchen renovation.

The key steps that we recommend before you start to think about design or contacting a professional renovator or designer are:

Budget – what is your budget for your new kitchen and what is going to be your scope for unexpected extras?

Timeframe – do you need your kitchen to be finished within a certain timeframe or can you be a bit more flexible? Remember, sourcing unique or specific appliances and materials can considerably impact timescales.

Life without a kitchen – the kitchen is the heart of the home for many people and if you can’t access it for an extended period of time what are your plans to get around this not having access to cooking facilities.

Layout, Functionality and Storage

When thinking about the design of your kitchen one of the important considerations is workflow and layout. Deciding on the right layout of your space is a personal choice and will be unique to how you use your kitchen.

Things to think about when planning the layout are:

  • How do you use, or want to use, your kitchen?
  • Do multiple people cook in the kitchen at the same time?
  • Is your kitchen also for entertaining or a social space?
  • What are your long-term goals for your kitchen?
  • How much counter space do you need?
  • How much storage space do you need?

The answers to the above questions will play a significant factor into some of the key layout, functionality and storage solutions in your kitchen.

One of our clients needed to maximise the use of a compact space for their bespoke kitchen, whilst also achieving a minimalist and de-cluttered aesthetic. The use of tall cabinets and a hidden away ‘mini-kitchen’ created a luxury kitchen that suited their needs and the flow of the space.

Selection and Placement of Your Appliances

Appliances and sinks can have a big impact on the layout of a room. A large, American-style fridge-freezer may only fit in a certain place, or you may want to enjoy that glorious view out into your garden whilst washing up. All these things and more can impact the design of your kitchen so selecting them at an early stage is key so they can be considered when designing the rest of the space.

When renovating a kitchen, you always need to consider the potential for re-sale of your home in mind (even if that could be way in the future) uniquely designed or lower quality appliances could affect the re-sale value of a home. Selecting appliances from reputable suppliers is highly recommended as they will stand the test of time, as long as they are correctly maintained.

The kitchen-triangle is well-known design principle to keep in mind when designing a kitchen as it ensures that the main working zones in a kitchen (the sink, the refrigerator and the oven/hob) are spaced not too close or too far apart as this will create natural synergy between these areas and make for better use of the space.

This beautiful Georgian home needed a kitchen that brought the whole family together whilst ensuring the cook was able to remain part of the fun! The bespoke design ensured that the large range cooker, fridge-freezer and prep sinks were all at their fingertips.

What are your ‘Must Haves’

When planning your new bespoke kitchen, especially if this is your forever home, then we know you will have a select number of ‘must have’ ideas that need to feature in your kitchen.

Whether you are designing your kitchen yourself or working with a professional, highlight what are your ‘must haves’ from the get go so they can become key features new kitchen.

Our client wanted a true cook’s kitchen but also loved to host so with their kitchen design we wanted to create a fun-loving kitchen with flexible solutions for cooking and entertaining.

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of a Professional Kitchen Renovator

If you are making a significant investment in a luxury, bespoke kitchen of your dreams then our best recommendation is get a professional kitchen renovator and designer involved.

Not only will a professional kitchen designer spend time getting to know you and your style, but they can advise on how best to approach some of the practical designs and help manage the project smoothly from beginning to end.

If you need help discussing plans and designs for your kitchen renovation or want to find out more about how we work, give us a call today on 01225 312003 or request a brochure.

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