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Blending Classic and Contemporary Styles in the Kitchen

In the world of kitchen design, there has been a long-standing grouping of styles by kitchen companies, often leading to a clear contrast between classic and contemporary styles.

This divide has been reinforced by the commercialisation of the kitchen industry, with fitted kitchens and ranges that offer no middle ground, forcing consumers to choose between these finite styles.

However, the beauty of a bespoke kitchen lies in the freedom to break away from these predefined norms. At Bath Kitchen Company, we believe that embracing both classic and modern elements can result in a kitchen that truly reflects your individuality, and in this blog post, we’ll explore the art of achieving a blend between these styles in the kitchen.

Classic Style Kitchens

Classic kitchens emit timeless elegance, drawing inspiration from traditional designs and period aesthetics. Some defining features of classic kitchens include:

  • Traditional Features – Incorporating features that reflect a sense of history and timelessness such as large cabinetry, ample storage space and submerged sinks.
  • Cabinetry – Large cabinetry with raised panels and intricate designs are commonplace in classically designed kitchens.
  • Soft Colour Palette – Subtle and muted colours that evoke a sense of warmth and comfort and act as a blank canvas.
  • Larders – Incorporating classic pantry storage solutions for a touch of vintage living.

Shaker Style Kitchens

Shaker style kitchens are a perfect example of how classic and modern designs can intersect. With their minimalistic design and functional features, shaker kitchens offer:

  • Cabinetry – Shaker kitchens are defined by the form of their cabinet doors, which are square framed and feature recessed panels.
  • Purpose – It was the shaker’s belief that everything should have a purpose, resulting in designs such as tables with built in drawers.
  • Drawers – Another design feature synonymous with shaker design is the knob and handle choice, which often includes turned timber knobs on drawers.
  • Storage – Shaker design often incorporates clever design features such strong pegs for hanging utensils and impressive larders.

Contemporary Style Kitchens

Contemporary kitchens embrace innovation, cutting-edge materials, and sleek design elements. Key characteristics of modern kitchens include:

  • Bold Colours – Pops of vibrant colour or feature walls to create a bold statement.
  • Functionality – Smart storage solutions and efficient layouts with integrated technology for enhanced convenience and a modern feel.
  • Unique Touches – Unconventional materials, textures, and design elements are often found in kitchens with a contemporary style.
  • Breakfast Bars / Islands – Social hubs that integrate cooking and entertaining spaces are well suited to contemporary kitchen designs.

Achieving the Balance of Classic and Contemporary

The appeal of blending classic and modern styles is creating a truly personalised space that isn’t restricted by typical design rules.

Subtle Contrasts

Subtly blending contemporary and classic elements can be an effective method of creating a space that’s totally unique. For example, pairing classic cabinetry with modern appliances, or installing modern cabinetry with traditional handles.

Lighting Choice

Lighting plays a pivotal role in the feel of the kitchen and the right lighting can bring your kitchen to life. Experiment with modern lighting fixtures in a classic kitchen and vice versa to add an eye catching yet functional element to the room.

Feature Walls

Feature walls can be used to inject a touch of modernity and a focal point to any kitchen design. Alternatively, a backsplash can be fitted behind a traditional stove such as an AGA to offer a subtle contrast.

Incorporating Technology

As technology advances, even classically designed kitchens shouldn’t be lacking in effective appliances. Smartly integrating appliances and technology into a classically designed kitchen offers the best of both worlds.

Start Your Kitchen Journey Today

At Bath Kitchen Company, we believe that your kitchen should reflect your needs and ambitions, both functionally and aesthetically.

Whether you prefer a shaker, classic, contemporary or completely unique style, we are here to make your kitchen inspirations become a reality.

When you’re ready to embark on this creative journey, give us a call or request a brochure. In the meantime, why not take inspiration from just a small selection of the bespoke kitchens we’ve designed and installed?

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