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Contemporary Kitchens Bath

Defined by their understated elegance, shaker is a style of kitchen that has stood the test of time, owing to their versatility which makes them suited to almost any taste.

At Bath Kitchen Company, our shaker kitchens combine traditional design with modern functionality to create a space that meets all your requirements.

The Sawmills

The monochromatic tones of the cabinetry and appliances create striking silhouettes and merge units into the environment. Burnished brass bar handles give this playful fluidity a sense of order.

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Church Lane

The matt lacquered cabinetry painted in a warm autumnal colour enhances, rather than distracts from, the verdant views. The handleless doors create sleek lines that reinforce the modern feel.

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Contemporary Kitchen Design

Contemporary style kitchens are characterised by their modern feel, with an emphasis on clean lines, bold colours and effortless functionality.

This style lends itself well to modern properties, but can be designed to suit any space.

Like any luxury kitchen, a contemporary kitchen is unique to your preferences, but expect modern seating, unique touches, breakfast bars, integrated technology and concealed storage.

Features of Contemporary Kitchens

Contemporary kitchens are flexible to suit your desires, whether you’re looking for a statement kitchen that oozes character, or a compact and functional space that provides everything you need at your fingertips.

Features you might expect to see in a contemporary style kitchen include polished cabinetry, integrated appliances, concealed storage space, feature walls, thoughtful splashes of texture, streamlined colour scheme and feature furniture.

Our Contemporary Kitchens

Every kitchen we’ve ever made is unique, striking the ideal balance between your aesthetic and practical needs. Here are a selection of kitchens that share this style.

Our Kitchen Styles

Beautiful kitchens can be designed with a number of styles in mind. Explore our kitchen styles below to find out more about their individual features and history.

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