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What Is a Bespoke Kitchen?

What is a bespoke kitchen? | Bath Kitchen Company

It may seem a simple question, but the term ‘bespoke’ has lost some of its meaning in the kitchen industry, with many that claim to offer bespoke kitchens having to guide their clients along well worn paths of what works for their factory systems and staff.

In short, something that is bespoke is something that has been made especially for a particular customer; it’s unique, it has purpose, it’s custom made and often hand crafted.

Find out more about what makes a kitchen truly bespoke.

There Are No Collections or Ranges

Mass produced, ready to fit kitchens often come with names which encapsulate the inspiration behind their style, with the aim of giving them some form of individuality.

If a company that claims to offer bespoke kitchens is advertising pre-made ‘suites’, ‘collections’ or ‘ranges’, then they are simply reselling something that has already been created for a previous client.

From a bespoke kitchen company, you won’t find standard ranges, collections or sizes. Instead look for companies that boast detailed project examples, press features and testimonials from thrilled customers to verify their craftsmanship and spark inspiration for your own space.

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You Are in Control

The key to a bespoke kitchen is that it’s made specifically for you, so you shouldn’t be ushered into a busy showroom to see what everyone else had, or be subject to pushy sales representatives telling you what’s popular this year.

When designing your bespoke kitchen, you should have as little or as much input as you wish, coupling your end vision with expert guidance to ensure that the right materials and appliances are used to create the perfect balance of functionality and style.

So, let your imagination define the possibilities; whether you opt for a fun-loving space oozing with individuality or a sophisticated family kitchen for all to enjoy.

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There Is No Standard Sizing

As kitchen manufacturers stockpile elements in standard sizing, what customers receive is often pulled from a shelf in a warehouse, or cut down from one of these pre-made sizes.

In a bespoke kitchen, worktops, cabinets and other elements are made accurately to respect the profile to the room, to the nearest millimetre. A unique sized product costs no more to make than a normal one when you are making to order. There are no on costs.

Eliminating this reliance on standard sizing allows you to utilise every area of the kitchen, rather than using space wasting filler panels. You also have adequate contingency for revisions, as products can be further altered to suit you preference.

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Only Quality Materials are Used

Using materials and appliances that match the quality of the craftsmanship is imperative within a bespoke kitchen.

Premade kitchens often compromise on quality to increase profits, and even independent kitchen designers get locked into using specific appliances or materials due to business partnerships.

When something is designed to fulfill a specific purpose, the material or appliance must be chosen because it is the best for the job – whether it’s locally sourced sustainable oak or imported Italian marble.

How Much Does a Bespoke Kitchen Cost?

As they are made exactly to your specification, a bespoke kitchen can’t be given a price tag in the same way that a flat pack or suite can. Usually, an estimate is given following an initial consultation.

Independent Designers of Bespoke Kitchens Bath

Unlike other kitchen companies, we have no commercial interest in selling as many kitchens as possible, as every kitchen we design features elements that are handcrafted to order or purchased especially.

Furthermore, we can handle every aspect of your bespoke kitchen project, from initial concepts and 3D designs, through to manufacture, installation and aftercare.

If you’re ready to discuss your bespoke kitchen plans or want to find out more about how we work, give us a call today on 01225 312003 or request a brochure.

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