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Modern Kitchens Vs Traditional Kitchens

Modern Kitchens Vs Traditional Kitchens

If you’re remodelling any area of your home, you may have already contemplated modern vs traditional décor. This is a common thought process to go through, particularly when looking at kitchen designs. Both types of kitchens are very different, with many advantages for each.

A traditional kitchen will never go out of style; it is homey and warm, with a distinct touch of cosiness. More often than not, it will seamlessly blend into the home’s original features whether dated or new. Despite the name, these kitchens are robust and geared up for modern life.

On the other hand, modern kitchens are chic, trendy, and more suited to those who want their kitchen to be a work of art. Think integrated appliances, feature walls, thoughtful splashes of texture and a streamlined colour scheme.

Regardless of what way you’re swaying, we always recommend that you do a good amount of research into the different types of kitchens that are on offer so you don’t only end up with a kitchen you love but also a kitchen that suits your home’s style.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Modern or Traditional Kitchen

Whilst personal taste is arguably the most crucial factor to consider when picking a kitchen style, many other factors hold weight.

  • How much do you want to spend? Being up front with your kitchen designer about your budget from the get-go will help them advise what type of kitchen may be best for you. Both traditional and modern kitchens have different life spans and elements at different price ranges, so it’s important to consider what’s important to you when working out what style is within your budget.
  • Is the property listed? Listed buildings are deemed to be of exceptional architectural or historic interest and/or importance. If you have a listed property, there are some strict rules to follow but you may find a traditional kitchen is much more suitable.
  • What is the value of the home? On average, a newly fitted kitchen can add 5-10% to your property regardless of what type. Both types of kitchens will add value to your home but it’s important to keep in mind the type of buyer and the local area when choosing between modern and traditional.

Design Differences

Traditional Kitchen Design

Often drawing inspiration from the Georgian era, traditional kitchens ooze charm from every beam, brick and antique. Typically, they’ll use lots of real wood finishes and try to maximise the use of any pre-existing architecture. Cream and grey hues are popular choices to compliment the exposed brick and wood, and it’s not uncommon to see a splash of black for depth.

In this time-honoured country kitchen, Grey-veined white Silestone™ quartz worktops were used to contrast beautifully with the stone floors and other matt finishes.

Modern/Contemporary Kitchen Design

Modern kitchens, on the other hand, are simple yet effective in design. Smart appliances, handleless cabinets and clever storage solutions all work together to create a tidy and sleek look. The emphasis is on clean lines, bold colours and effortless functionality. Modern kitchens tend to keep up with the latest trends, current ones of which include a push on sustainable material, minimalist features and kitchen zoning.

Bringing the Two Together in a Bespoke Kitchen

Some people naturally lean one way – traditional décor or modern décor. But when working with a certain type of space or aiming to please more than one person, we often find ourselves working with hybrids. Think a sleek minimalist design with a gorgeous AGA centrepiece.

Mix and matching old and new elements can help you create a space which is truly ‘you’.

Shaker Kitchens are a popular choice when combining the two styles. Whether a grand period residence or new build apartment, cleverly crafted shaker kitchens can combine all of the traditional elements you’d like with the added convenience of smart appliances.

This is the beauty of a bespoke kitchen.

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